The Little Red Writing Book by Mark Tredinnick

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ISBN 9780868408675

The Little Red Writing Book is a welcome companion for all of us who work with the English language. The author tells us what we need to know as writers and shows us how it’s done with grace and care. He offers fresh and memorable examples of good writing with a music-maker’s ear for words in tune. He guides us with personality and commonsense, from precision editing to poetic freedoms, all the time making complex things clear and simple. This is a book for every writer’s backpack.’ – Nicholas Jose

A book on technique, style, craft and manners for everyone who writes and wants to do it better. It is a manual of good diction, composition, sentence craft, paragraph design, structure and planning. Enriched by examples of fine prose from great writers including Tim Winton; flush with exercises informed by the author’s expertise in both creative writing and functional prose; and written with flair, The Little Red Writing Book is a lively and readable guide to lively and readable writing.

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