The Little Green Book of Grammar by Mark Tredinnick

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ISBN 9780868409191

What really goes on inside a sentence? What is your subject, and where is your verb, and what is its tense, and where is your modifier, and why does it matter? Where do you need a comma, and where do you not? Why are dashes and semicolons so misunderstood? When is it which and when is it that? In The Little Green Grammar Book, Mark Tredinnick asks and answers the tough grammar questions – big and small – with the same verve and authority that readers encountered in The Little Red Writing Book.

He makes the complexities of sentence structure and punctuation elegantly simple, and he does it in a clear and easy-going style. He makes grammar useful. He even makes it fun. His book offers limpid explanations, illustrated with memorable examples, of all the most important points of grammar.

No matter what you write (novels, poems, papers, reports, letters to the council, instructions, emails, blogs, wine labels or Christmas cards, this fuss-free book of grammar will help you say what you mean to say neatly and unmistakably. The Little Green Grammar Book will have you writing like a writer in no time.

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