The Company of Writers by Hilma Wolitzer

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ISBN 9780669471861

Aspiring writers are often discouraged by the solitary nature of their work. Many long for a community of peers with whom to share work, empathy, and informed and objective opinions. With The Company of Writers, seasoned writer and writing teacher Hilma Wolitzer provides a captivating, compassionate, and practical guide that shows writers how to form support networks and find their own creative edge.

Wolitzer devotes the first part to writing workshops: how to start one and keep it running smoothly, how to get the most out of the experience, and how to deal with issues that may affect your group, such as revision, writer’s block, and publication. The second part comprises focus sessions: chapters on themes to discuss within the group or to address on your own, such as character development, plot, dialogue, place, and what makes writing sexy or funny. Wolitzer also includes valuable tips on building a writer’s reference library, useful and provocative exercises, and generous advice from other writers. Whether you are a workshop veteran or a writing group novice, Wolitzer’s experience and encouragement will help you prepare to take creative risks and find useful feedback – and inspiration.

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