Lost in Track Changes by Cate Kennedy, Ryan O’Neill, Fiona Capp, Robert Hoge & Krissy Kneen

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ISBN: 9780992373733

Print edition of if:book’s 2014 project Lost in Track Changes. Five authors create a short work of memoir, a vignette, which is passed along to the other to remix in series. In the background, if:book tracks the changes from remix to remix. Lost in Track Changes takes the personal and intimate craft of memoir and turns it over to the wild cut-and-paste aesthetic of remix culture.

But the book is just the beginning. Published in spiral binding with wide margins, this is a book that encourages you, the reader, to make your own changes, to rip out pages, to write your own name on the cover. Lost in Track Changes is your book. Where it goes from here is up to you.

Features selections from if:book’s companion project Open Changes by Emily Craven and Omar Sakr.

Paperback, spiral binding, 224 pp.

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