Juicy Writing: Inspiration & Techniques for Young Writers by Brigid Lowry

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ISBN 9781741750485

Why being a writer is good:

  • You get paid to make stuff up;
  • You get to travel because it’s research;
  • You can stay home and work in your pyjamas.

Why being a writer is bad:

  • Sitting all by yourself in your study for hours is lonely.

Brigid Lowry knows the highs and lows of being a writer, but she still thinks it’s a joy. In this book she takes you on a journey to discover yourself and what you really want to say, AND how to make it juicy and original. So, what do you need to begin? Where can you find ideas? How can you make your writing better? What can you do if you get stuck?

Let Brigid inspire you to doodle, daydream and discover your creativity – then write hard and fast into the wild land of your imagination. If you ever thought you’d like to write, start reading Juicy Writing!

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