Hunted Down and Other Tales by Marcus Clark

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ISBN: 9780994471925
Text by Simon Groth, edited by Aimée Lindorff, designed by George Saad

FINALIST: AGDA Awards 2016

'Brain spinning.'
'Intricately beautiful.'
'A digital, historical, physical, fun, provocative, contemporary, formally playful and generally delicious.'

A book that looks like it has fallen through time, at least until you open it up. 

Hunted Down and Other Tales ‘remixes’ three short stories originally by nineteenth century author Marcus Clarke. Initially, the book’s design mimics Clarke’s contemporary anthologies in size, layout and typography, including a price of one shilling and genuine advertisements from the 1870s. Gradually, though, the book takes greater liberties with Clarke’s work, using typographic play, retelling stories, mashing past and present, and finally reproducing 404 errors, text messages, search results and customer reviews. 

Written by Simon Groth and designed by George Saad, the book is playful and self-reflexive while examining how much (and how little) has changed in the 150-odd years since Clarke's original works.

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