Book Links Travelling Suitcases DVD - Narelle Oliver

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Book Links has produced DVDs to assist emerging authors and illustrators including the Travelling Suitcases and Undercover Stories series. Travelling Suitcases is a set of 5 DVDs each featuring a renowned author or illustrator working in his or her home studio and explaining the processes of creating a book. The Travelling Suitcases DVDs can be purchased individually or as a set of five.

This DVD features Narelle Oliver, author and illustrator of Fox and Fine Feathers, The Very Blue Thingamajig and The Best Beak in Boonaroo Bay. Which character, of Narelle's creation, began life as a potato with legs? What does a storyboard look like and how is it used for planning words and pictures? Why is there a fox skin on Narelle's work table? Discover the creative world of Narelle Oliver in this revealing behind-the-scenes exposé of the author-illustrator, her workspace and her process.

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